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The strength of democracy is the collective well being of our people. We live in labour saving and mechanized society which is reducing physical exertion. The physical fitness and wellness are interrelated to each other. Sports being an integral and instrumental force in building character of the students, added tremendous majesty to the recognition of our institution. The zeal and zest of the students have made them acclaim championship at state as well as National Level.

Sports Women

  • Gym with Ten Exercises Stations.
  • Cemented Basketball Ground with Fiber Glass Board.
  • A sprawling play ground Approximately 08 acres for Football, Field Track for Athletics, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho.
  • Indore games viz Table Tennis, Chess and Carom-board etc.


  • To create healthy environment, bringing together the youth from different villages, cities, and to provide them opportunities and develop their traits of mutual understanding, co-operation, brotherhood and patriotism as well as an outlet for their Creative activities.
  • To promote/develop sports facilities at Inter- College, Inter-University and National level.
  • To provide the service/ facilities of play grounds, tracks equipped with all modern games, and Yoga facilities with latest techniques.
  • To motivate Students, players to gain employment full of respect along with healthy life through competition of sports tournament, games and become cool, calm and to do full efforts towards achieving their goals.
  • To boost and inculcate confidence among the players for achieving top positions in various inter-college tournaments for the university state and nation.


  • The Department of Physical education is dedicated for the excellence in physical activity / Sports by working on academic standard, technological skill teaching for inclusion, social impact and value development in area of teaching of physical education and sports.

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